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Benefits of having automated barriers and bollards in parking areas

Do you often worry about traffic control in your parking area? Barriers and bollards can help you with that. Yes, they are typically used along the street, but they are actually great for parking areas in commercial establishments too. You can even automate them with electric swing gate kits and remote controls for more convenience.

These benefits can do wonders for everyone who uses your parking area. These include direct and indirect perks your business will enjoy.

How can automated barriers and bollards innovate a parking area

Barriers and bollards are traffic control devices anchored to the ground to block vehicles from entering restricted areas and keep traffic flowing to proper directions. These are sturdy and durable structures too, which vehicles cannot mow down. This structural quality makes them largely beneficial for parking areas in commercial establishments.

If you opt for barriers and bollards gate automation in your parking area, you can expect to get more innovative perks, such as:

Higher level of security

Automated barriers and bollards have gates that can eliminate the problem of unauthorised access in private parking lots. This feature helps you make sure that only authorised vehicles and people can pass through, keeping casual customers and even burglars at bay.

Barrier and bollard gates work with the use of codes and remote controls. So, your staff can simply enter a personal code to open a gate or use Came remote controls when applicable.


Accidents are common among barriers and bollards gates, such as when a barrier gate suddenly closes and slams on a passing car. Electric swing gate kits usually come with safety features to avoid such a mishap.

For example, barrier and bollard gates have sensors to detect anything on its path. Such sensor helps gates to stop closing when vehicles or pedestrians are still passing through. This helps avoid causing harm to any vehicle or pedestrian on the gate’s premises.


Automating your barriers and bollards means you and other authorised people can open their gates without exerting physical efforts. Electric swing gate kits for barriers and bollards come with automatic openers, which you can operate using remote control or entering codes. Moreover, you can still station a staff by the gate, so customers and visitors can pass through more easily. This makes traffic to flow smoothly to and from your parking lot.

Business perks

Combining all the benefits mentioned above, you can surely expect significant business perks from automated barriers and bollards. First, security and safety factors can make people trust you, since they feel they’re vehicles and belongings are safe inside your parking area. Second, convenience in driving to and from parking lots can help people save a lot of time.

Although such factors seem small, they can actually help promote your establishment so people would love to come back. As a bonus, since you can avoid various mishaps in your vicinity, you can also avoid penalties and compensation claims to pay because of damage.

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