The Mosaic Store – Online store for your mosaic tiles requirement in Brisbane

A house or office looks appealing and unique with creative planning and execution of decoration using colourful and vibrant material. A simply plain looking area can be transformed into something interesting with a little imagination and assistance of quality materials. This transformation is not limited to walls and buildings, but even daily used stuff can have a totally new look, thanks to the creativity accomplished by using mosaic tiles. Now with these mosaic tiles Brisbane has discovered a lot of creative streak and produced some unique and eye-catching pieces.

Mosaic tiles in Brisbane can be ordered online from The Mosaic Store ( or by calling them on 1300 320 392. Here you will find a wide range of art and craft material. The store is online only and does not have a retail outlet. Previously called “Specialty Art Glass”, this store is a brain child of Eric and Mardi Burns, who is passionate about handicraft. After creating interesting articles using various crafting materials, Mardi realised the versatility and beauty of mosaic tiles in creating unique art pieces. This prompted her to bring in quality crafting material from different parts of the globe and supplying it to art enthusiasts in Australia.

In Brisbane mosaic tiles can be ordered online under various categories. After scanning through the catalogue, you can place the order as per your requirement of colour, size, different types and quantity. There are innumerable shapes, colours and styles available to choose from.

There are silver foil glass tiles, colour packs containing assorted shapes, Venetian glass tiles and glitter glass tiles in 1 and 2 cm lots, transparent mosaic tiles, iridised glass tiles, glass droplets, pebbles, etc. just to name a few varieties that can be obtained from the store. The tiles have to be calculated as per design before placing the order and the store has a ready calculation guide for rectangular, triangular or round tiles.

You just need to fill in the dimensions of the piece you are working on and the store calculator does the calculation of requirement. It is as simple as that. In case you have a complex or irregular design in mind, then visualisation of the nearest possible geometric shape will help solve your issue. The store also stocks irregular shapes in tiles in assorted colours to fulfil your need.

Along with different coloured and shaped mosaic tiles Brisbane products, you can also opt for ceramic numbers and letters. These are particularly useful in creating a unique address and name plate for your home or office. A little creativity can enable to make personalised picture frames or plaques. The Mosaic Store supplies all the necessary tools and adhesives to help complete the project. Besides, there are many decorative embellishments available to adorn your created masterpiece.

Henceforth, if the creativity bug bites you, don’t just fret and fume as to how you can accomplish the ideas. Head right for The Mosaic Store online and browse through their catalogue of the mosaic tiles Brisbane products. Surely you will find the necessary material that can transform your ideas into reality.

Now that you know where to find mosaic tiles in Brisbane, give full freedom to your creativity and go ahead and convert simple pots, vases, boots, tables, etc. into a work of art. Get ready to create some unique decorative pieces. If you are running out of ideas, the store website has many to offer through their art gallery. Just go ahead and make a signature craft piece that you will be proud of for a long time.

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